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What is an intranet?
An intranet is, by definition, for internal use.
Intranets are operated using a web browser, like Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer. By utilizing the browsers already present on most workstations and PC's, intranets eliminate the need for costly desktop software installation. Another advantage of intranets is that they can be accessible from any computer that has an internet connection.
Private and Secure
Intranets can employ password protection, encryption and firewall protection, depending on your security needs.
No two businesses are the same, and no two intranets are the same. Aside from the fact that they are all private and web-based, intranets vary greatly. Whatever your business needs, Xanthus can tailor an intranet that will fit like a glove and streamline your operations.
What can intranets do? A few examples:
Sales and Inventory
An intranet can be operated as a cash register, automatically updating your inventory database. This feature can be built to work directly with your on-line store.
Contact Management
Using an intranet for contact management helps you provide better service to your customers. Keep track of phone calls, meetings, follow-up dates and other information.
Project Management
Assign tasks, monitor progress, operate time sheets and much more.
Records and Reference
Email and Messages

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