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The Virtual Community
A virtual community is for organizations that intend to build a sizable community of web users. The site itself is a service, not just a vehicle for shipped products or physical services. Virtual communities include some or all of the following features:


Chat rooms can bring a site to life and greatly increase Traffic.

Discussion Threads

Often the backbone of community websites, discussion threads area popular alternative to chat, offering closer attention to specific issues.

Web E-mail

Web based email is a great way to keep surfers at a site. Inexpensive and easy to maintain, web email is a must for any community site.


Homepages can help an on-line community shape its identity. User-maintained homepages can add a lot to a site, with little expense.


A calendar allows anyone to inform the community of upcoming events.

Easy content management

Xanthus builds virtual communities with PostNuke, an open-source code package. PostNuke provides an easy-to-use interface for updating content like news, calendar items and links. The same interface can be used for controlling the color scheme, image banners and fonts.

What"e;s next - Virtual Community
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